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Reasons To Support Projects Within The Community.

Diversification through the improvement of technology has led people to travel in search of career paths, education, and also families. Such movements for a better future end up leaving community activities stalling because of few interested parties. Upon returning is when you realize there are no significant improvements in any sector. Giving back to the society that raised you is an excellent initiative, and you don’t necessarily have to be staying there. There are a variety of projects like businesses, schools, and even social amenities that can help improve the state of your community in unique ways. The living standards of people automatically adjust when you take such a course. Both you and the community stand to gain in the forms as outlined below.

A Learning Platform.

Despite the kind of project you will want to venture in, there will be other members of your community participating as well to achieve a common goal. During such meetings, there are open discussions and sharing of ideas that can help to make the work successful. You have the opportunity to learn from the public pool of information. You can later use what you have gathered in the future to implement your ideas. Also, in case you have a specialty in the related subject, you can get an opportunity to teach everyone on the full matter. The feeling is satisfying because you know that your efforts will yield fruits.

Competitive Advantage.

A large number of investors prefer to engage in the kind of projects that have ethical foundations with a good reputation. The variety of projects run in communities involves different types of stakeholders who ensure the businesses operate professionally to benefit everyone through either creating employments opportunities or charitable acts. Such a profile attracts people to invest and boost projects until completion. By giving back to the community, you also help upgrade your community by exposing it to the outside world on a positive note. In the long run, more people will start gaining interest even if they’re from other regions.

The Community Gives You A Voice.

Projects within the community are not run in a monopoly way since everyone has to give in their ideas concerning any relevant subject. An initiative to participate means that you are willing to share all the knowledge you might have to make things better. In such a situation, you can air your opinions confidently, and if possible, you get a chance to put them in action. Regardless of your experience or education level, you have a chance to get heard. In case someone opposes your opinion, you also get an opportunity to defend your suggestions, and later, a decision is made fairly for the benefit of the project.

It Improves Social Skills.

In this era, where millennials prefer to stay glued on the TV or other gadgets, participation in community activities creates a platform that allows them to socialize in a better way. There are a variety of activities that go on depending on the seasons. You are entitled to engage in any that you wish if you have interests. It’s only in such meetings that you will learn more about people that you barely knew. You can make friends, business acquaintances, and relationships that end up lasting for a lifetime. Also, you get to work with people who share common ideas like you; thus, you will have a comfortable time all through.

Some of the Projects that Paul McCarthy currently supports include:

Welcome to Paul McCarthy Schools Madagascar

Welcome to Bikes for Madagascar – Cork

With the reasons as mentioned above, you should start consulting to find out the kind of ongoing activities in your community so that you can finally join them. Check on social media platforms since most projects have a page for public viewing.

Welcome to Community Collaboration Cork

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As powerful as all can be individually, the powerful of a group of individuals combined efforts will always be greater than the sum of our parts will.

As John Donne shared in Devotions (1624)

No man is an Island, entire of it self; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main.”

If you’re interested in becoming part of the greater good, we’d like to hear from you, and we will be sharing here some of our thoughts and aspirations on new projects in the Cork area.